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Waterford Crystal

Welcome to our superb Waterford Crystal gifts section. You will find a wide array of Waterford Crystal pieces within our portfolio.

The company of Waterford was first established in 1783 in the heart of the Irish harbour town of Waterford. Its founders were brothers, William and George Penrose, important developers and principal exporters in the city. Their vision was to "create the finest quality crystal for drinking vessels and objects of beauty for the home." More than two hundred years later, the reputation they established for creating glass of unsurpassed beauty and quality has transcended the intervening centuries.

You will find a wide array of Waterford Crystal gifts within our portfolio. Feel free to browse this section and should you have any questions regarding any Waterford crystal products, please feel free to contact us via our online form

You can also view 'How to Identify Your Waterford Crystal Stemware Patterns' - Available to order from Tierneys Gift Shops See the youtube clip here . Waterford Crystal Factory & Craftsmen at work video can be viewed here too.

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