Golf Prizes and Corporate Gifts


Show your appreciation for your outstanding employees and team members with a personalised, engraved trophy. Here at Tierneys, we believe in rewarding dedication and hard work – so we’ve handpicked some of our most popular awards for you to choose from!


The Trophy Crystal Claret Jug


One of the most popular trophies we’ve ever stocked, this crystal claret jug would make anyone feel appreciated and rewarded. This trophy comes with the option of engraving to make it even more memorable and personal. A true showstopper, the lucky recipient is guaranteed to get asked some questions about how they managed to win such a gorgeous piece.




The Crystal Golf Award



The perfect trophy for any golf competition, this would look wonderful on the mantelpiece of the winner. We can engrave this award to add a message or date so it can be a great reminder of good times on the green. This award would be perfect for a friendly competition between friends or colleagues. The golf ball inside the crystal adds a modern touch to an elegant design. Definitely something to show off!






The Classic Claret Jug


If you’ve ever seen The Open Championship, you’ll recognise this trophy instantly! Host your own mini Open and watch the competition heat up for the chance to win this striking piece. Like all the other trophies we stock, this jug can be engraved to give the winner a sense of true accomplishment for years to come. This claret jug comes in two sizes, 310mm and 355mm.





Ryder Cup Replica – Gold Plated Golf Cup 




Anyone who knows anything about golf knows about the Ryder Cup. One of the most sought-after golf trophies in the world, the Ryder Cup is any golfer’s dream to have in their trophy cabinet – and now they can! Make the trophy even more spectacular and purchase this engravable plinth. A must have for any golf enthusiast.





The Crystal Star Award


One of our most popular awards here at Tierneys, the Crystal Star would make any winner feel good about their achievement. This award can be personalised with a message, club crest or even your company’s logo.


This award has a truly versatile look and is perfect for any member of the team.




14″ Inspiration Trophy



This unique and stylish award is beautifully-made by the always-popular Galway Crystal. The Inspiration trophy comes in a range of sizes: 14”, 16” and 18”. Galway Crystal is famous worldwide for their exquisite attention to detail and dedication to high quality craftsmanship.







The Crystal Golf Award 



This award will catch the eye of anyone that walks by! For all the golfing enthusiasts out there, this award is an absolute must have on the mantelpiece, due to its amazing and striking design.


There is a wide range of sizes to choose from including: 205mm, 220mm, and 245mm.






Galway Crystal Deco 10″ Oval Award



Another stunning award made by Galway Crystal, this piece would make anyone work just that extra bit harder to achieve it! With our in-store engraving service, this award would look perfect in the trophy cabinet.







Want to see these products up close and in person before buying? Drop in to one of our stores and our helpful staff will answer any questions you have to help you make your decision just a little easier.