Newbridge Silverware – Give the gift of quality.


Have you ever had a good look at someone’s facial expression as they open a gift you’ve given them and you know they were less than surprised or delighted? Have you noticed the common look of “I’ve seen this before and now I must put out a smile of gratitude”? Or even worse, a look of downright disappointment? Well that’s pretty disappointing for you too, when you have gone to the trouble of buying a gift – but we’ve all been there.

Here’s the good news – we’ve got some gorgeous gifts that you can buy online or instore and we can guarantee that they’ll be a welcome surprise for the lucky recipient.

Are you looking for the perfect gift?

If so, perhaps it’s a gift that will be cherished and treasured? Something that will be talked about and remembered because it oozes quality. Maybe a gift that when you visit that home again, it will be taking centre stage in the house and displayed with pride? If that’s what you are looking for, let us introduce one of Ireland’s most prestigious brands – Newbridge Silverware.

Who is Newbridge Silverware?

Almost as old as the state itself, Newbridge Silverware is steeped in history and infused with class. Creating jewellery, homeware and giftware products, Newbridge Silverware is renowned for its craftmanship and excellence. Quite simply, it is synonymous with high quality Irish products – at their very best.


It’s not just a normal gift…

If you choose to give someone a Newbridge Silverware item, please remember that you are also giving them the gift of timeless quality. We firmly believe in the company’s tagline: “For the connoisseur of today, an heirloom of tomorrow”

Whether you would like to treat yourself and liven up your home with the sparkle of their homeware, or give someone special a gift worth remembering, we have a diverse selection to choose from. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can create that special gift experience with Newbridge Silver.


Newbridge Photo frames

A simple but memorable gift to highlight the captured moment could be a Newbridge Silver Photo frame. We have a range of different shapes and sizes available, and they are all Silver plated with a protective anti tarnish layer. This will make that special photo really stand out. You could personalise it beautifully by printing a special photo and popping it in before you give the gift.

Newbridge Silverware Photoframe

Newbridge Silverware Dining

Considering a gift to add a little extra something to the dining experience? Think quality cutlery!

The right cutlery can turn a normal run of the mill weekday meal into an occasion. The great thing about cutlery is that it can be rolled out for a variety of special events from Christmas and birthdays, to a dinner party for old friends.

With a varied range of Newbridge Silver cutlery and Newbridge Silver Houseware, we have different options to enhance the culinary experience especially for those special occasions. You can also complement that important dinner with these Newbridge Silver Gin Goblets – a classic choice which makes for a great gift. These beautiful goblets are particularly popular at the moment!


Newbridge Silverware Gin Goblets


Newbridge Silverware Candles

If you would like to add a touch of ambience to your home or anyone else’s – we  recommend Newbridge Silver Candles. With different scents such as Honeysuckle and Oceanic available, you get the chance to transform the atmosphere of any room.

Plus, with 55 hours of burn time, you or the lucky “giftee” will get to do this a lot more often!

Final words on Newbridge Silverware

Overall, Newbridge Silver can make for an amazing gift. While we have covered some of the typical gifts for the home, there is also the Newbridge Silverware Jewellery collections which make great personal gifts. These include the stunning TI:AMO Collection and  the Forever Young Collection.

Whatever your choice with Newbridge silverware, you are choosing quality – “For the connoisseur of today, an heirloom of tomorrow”

Check out our full range here to select your perfect gift. Want to see these products up-close before buying? Drop in to one of our stores and our helpful staff will answer any questions you have to help you with your decision.