What Are The Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are everywhere right now! An incredibly popular gift for all ages, their gentle pink hue creates a soothing atmosphere in any home.

A reasonably new product to the Irish market, you might not be aware of the many benefits of these striking lamps – so here at Tierneys Gifts, we’ve put together this simple guide to what they are, how they work and the benefits of having one in your home.

What are Himalayan salt lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are decorative lights you can buy for your home.

Carved out of raw salt rock from the mountains in Pakistan, they range in colour from off-white to dark brown. The most popular options are vivid orange or a gorgeous pink.

Himalayan salt rocks formed over 200 million years ago and are believed to have many different health benefits. 

How are Himalayan salt lamps made?

Once mined from the mineral-rich mountainside, each unique piece of salt rock is carved into its own distinct style and shape. 

When each lamp has been shaped, a large hole is drilled into it and a light bulb is fitted. 

The benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

Creating a calming, warming glow, salt lamps are both beautiful and alluring. They can help you transform any space from drab to fab at the flick of a switch!

As well as adding some elegance and style to your home, they also come with many health and wellbeing benefits. 


  1. They Improve Air Quality

Salt lamps are often used to improve a home’s air quality. Many people believe Himalayan salt lamps are beneficial to those that suffer with asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Salt lamps are believed to filter out different allergens and have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to deal with asthma.


  1. They Can Help You Sleep

As well as purifying the air around you as you sleep, salt lamps provide a gorgeous glow to your bedroom. This reduced level of light will help you transition from the bright lights of the evening to a peaceful oasis for sleep.

The blue light emitted from laptops, mobiles and tablets can delay the production of the sleep hormone melatonin – causing disrupted sleep patterns through the night. By using a salt lamp for an hour before bed, you can significantly improve your quality of sleep. 


  1. They Can Boost Your Mood

Many believe that salt lamps can actively boost your mood and help with depression. This is due to the belief that salt lamps release high levels of negative ions into the air. Negative ions improve the levels of serotonin released – which is the chemical involved in mood regulation.

Researchers have found that people with depressive symptoms who were exposed to very high levels of negative ions report improvements in their mood.


Give the gift of wellness 

If you’re looking for a high quality Himalayan salt lamp, Tierneys Gifts are here to help. We have a hand-picked selection of salt lamp gifts for relaxation. 

Bring your loved one peace of mind with a thoughtful present, designed to help them stay mindful and healthy. 




Himalayan Salt Lamp – 18cm

A striking lamp that brings a natural warmth to any room.

Height: 18cm 

Includes: 1.5m Power Cable, 15 watt light bulb, wooden base and control switch







    Large Himalayan Salt Lamp – 22cm

 Cleansing – Calming – Healing – Purifying

    Height: 22cm 

    Includes: 1.5m Power Cable 15 watt Light Bulb Wooden Base Control Switch








Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp – 15cm

Make an impression with this striking bowl lamp. 

Height: 15cm 

Includes: 1.5m Power Cable, 15 watt light bulb, wooden base and control switch





Whatever your choice, your loved one is sure to be delighted with a gorgeous salt lamp all the way from the Himalayas! 
If you’d like to see any of these in person before making your purchase, please feel free to drop into one of our stores and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you.